From The Land of Never Ending Sun


Jeff Shipper

I’ve been in business for 40 years bringing people the plants, palms and water treatment they richly deserve. From our farm bounty to you, delivered fresh and vibrant to your door.

How May I Help You?

We grow a single type of Cactus and multiple types of Palm Trees on this farm.


Our plants are grown from a specific strain called Nopalea. You can see in the images how few barbs there are on the faces and edges.

Palm Trees

Our Palms are matured at 15 years now. I’ll put up some images, but no guarantee’s some of the ones you see might already be sold.

Order Online!

We sell the cactus as plants. Order yours today and start reaping the benefits of Nopalea. We usually can ship within a day of receiving your order.

Work With Me

Farming is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. We work to maintain our plants using organic material only. No pesticides or insecticides are used on the property.